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Oats Chilla | Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Oats can be really soggy and unappetizing if not prepared properly. Personally, I only prefer to eat oats when they are baked or cooked. This one has recently become my favorite breakfast dish, It’s super simple to make and really tasty.

You can chop your favourite vegetables finely if you have the time and want to feel peaceful (I know I do feel quite meditative while chopping) but in case you're in a hurry you can definitely go ahead and invest in this handy string chopper.

All you have to do is cut them into big chunks. Like I’ve divided my tomato, onion, and capsicum into 2-3 inch chunks. And I’m adding it to my Wonderchef classic string chopper. Close it to align it blade and lock it. Now I’ll pull the string 4-5 times and all my vegetables are finely chopped! This tool is really helpful in the mornings when I’m really hungry and in a hurry to prepare breakfast.

Now for the chilla batter. Take a wide bowl, it will really make mixing more efficient.

And add oats flour, wheat flour, red chilly powder (Chopped green chilly also tastes really good) and salt to taste. Then add all the chopped veggies. you can use any vegetables of your choice, but this combination works really well. Next, add water and mix it up using a spoon. Add more water if required to adjust the consistency. You want something that resembles a dosa batter. It shouldn’t be too thick though.

Pour the mixture onto a hot non-stick pan and let it cook till the top dries off in most places. If you’re using a regular pan, use a bit of oil to avoid the mixture from sticking to your pan. Then flip it over and cook for a couple of minutes. The color of this chilla is so gorgeous!

It has beautifully cooked on both sides, now it’s time to serve and enjoy a hearty breakfast.


1 Tomato

1 Onion

1 Capsicum

3/4th Cup Water

Red chilly Powder


1/2 cup Wheat Flour (Optional)

3/4th Cup Oats Flour

Try out this recipe and let me know about your experience in the comments section below. Like this video and keep following me for easy recipes. See you next time!

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