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Salted Caramel Cookies

Okay guys, I'm back on YouTube!

Not just back, back with a bang. These cookies too are banging good and I hope you try this out at least once.

A simple recipe, with simple ingredients but looks oh-so-fancy. Who said fancy stuff has to be expensive?

You've got to try it!!

If you already have a favorite cookie recipe, just use that and make it look like this one, I mean, what's the harm?

The almonds add an amazing Crunch, The salted caramel is always a welcome distraction, being bitter, sweet, and salty all at once. and the milk chocolate drizzle makes it look and taste even better!

For this recipe I prefer creaming my butter and sugar together, it just makes the cookie ever-so-light

Make sure the butter is at room temperature so that the creaming happens quickly. and the butter has a bit of structure left at the end.

For the almonds you can partially roast them before chopping, this will add additional flavor.

Be careful while preparing caramel, it can give you bad burns, I mean I've had my share of burns, and let me tell you it's no fun. Even though I don't cry any more after getting burnt, because let's face it, if you work in the kitchen day in day out, this is ought to happen, it is still quite painful till it heals, that can take up to 2 weeks.

Caramelizing sugar brings out bitter notes. This combination of bitter-sweet-salty keeps you wanting more and more of this salted caramel sauce

The cream must be warm while preparing caramel to avoid the sugar from setting in the pan.

Salt is bae in this recipe - the sweetness of the cookies and milk chocolate, with bitter notes from caramel sauce, salt is just going to accentuate the entire game!

I can’t wait for you to go and try this recipe out right now! When you do, drop in a comment saying how much you love it! I’ll catch you next time!

Watch the video below to learn how to make these yummayzing Salted Caramel Cookies



Flour 100

Butter 100

Castor Sugar 40

Milk 10

Chopped almonds 50


Sugar 100


Butter 20g

Milk Chocolate 100



1. For the cookies: Cream butter and sugar together. Add in milk, and fold in the flour.

2. Roll the cookies into small balls and place in a bowl of chopped almonds

3. Place on a cookie sheet and make a thumbprint in the center.

4. Bake at 160 degrees for 12-15 mins.

5. For the caramel: Cook sugar until brown using the dry caramel method. Add warm cream and cook for 1 min. Turn off flame and add butter. Add salt and let this cool completely.

6. Place caramel into the cavity of baked cookies.

7. Drizzle with milk Chocolate and serve.

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