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Coconut Prawn Curry

I'm a sucker for quick curries and sometimes I like to make food that only serves me. My husband is not so fond of seafood but when he tasted a bite of this from my plate, he insisted on having this for dinner. So every time I make seafood, I make cabbage for him. He absolutely loves cabbage as much as I love Seafood.

So I guess this testimonial from him is enough encouragement for you to know that this curry is not only simple but also super friggin delicious.

Here's the recipe :

Marinate 300g cleaned prawns (I used frozen ones from@cambaytiger) with salt, turmeric, red chilly powder and Coriander powder for 15 mins. 5 mins should also do.



Finely chopped Onions

Cinnamon stick

Turmeric powder

Red chilly powder

Dhaniya powder

Coconut Milk

Splash of water

Salt to taste

Optional ingredients :

Tomatoes, fresh and chopped or cooked tomato puree whichever is convenient.

Red chilly paste (Soak red chillies in warm water for 30 mins. Grind to a smooth paste.

Watch the video for method.

Enjoy this Coconut Prawns Curry with Basmati Rice ❤️

Watch the video to learn how to make prawn curry from scratch with lots of tips and tricks.

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