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Chocolate Fudge

There was a time, when we used to be excited about going to Lonavala for the view, the cold weather and of course Cooper's Fudge! But over the years the place has become noisy, overcrowded and you hardly ever feel the change in climate while traveling in your air-conditioned car. Am I right or what?

So this craving of Chocolate Fudge really runs in my family, and it has now become mandatory for anyone who is going to Lonavala, to drop by Cooper's to pick up some Chocolate Walnut Fudge. But what I have noticed is that the fudge is no longer fudgy it's somewhere close to chocolate mawa now.

Either the fudge has changed or I have.

I definitely have changed actually. I'm no longer a chocolate person and neither am I interested in standing in a long queue on the traf(fucked) roads leading to Lonavala station to buy half a kilo of Fudge. But, if you ask that woman who stays inside my body, she will tell you that she loves the combination of chocolate and coffee and will eat anything that smells like Cocoa and caffine. Trust me, she is a cake-sniffer (Refer to The Series Of Unfortunate Events, a Netflix Original) and loves indulging, once in a while, in anything that has dark chocolate + coffee in it.

There are very few chocolate desserts that I crave for. One of them is this Overly gooey Chocolate Fudge. I can't stop myself from nibbling on this gorgeous mound of fudge while typing this out. So go and try out the recipe so that you can share this same excitement!!

So here goes my favorite fudge recipe of all times. I would suggest you mix all the ingredients in melted butter first (except the coffee powder) and then start cooking it. What I realized while making the video was that it became difficult for the sugar crystals to melt properly when they were added after the condensed milk was almost thickened. So, please learn from my mistakes and make this fudge for yourself.

That woman who stays inside of me would love to have a little taste of your fudge batch too :)

Here's the Recipe:

1/4 cup butter

1/2 cup condensed milk

1/4 cup cocoa powder

1tbsp sugar

1 tsp coffee

1/4 cup nuts

Watch the video to see how to make The Most Amazing Chocolate Fudge Ever!

Learn how to make Condensed milk at home:

I made this for Rajshri Food Channel a while back and now you can follow the link to learn how to make condensed milk at home.

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