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C is for Caramel

What's silky, salty, luscious, creamy, bitter and yummy at the same time? You're right, it's caramel! If you're like me and not that much into chocolate, this is the stuff that you'll crave for.

I use caramel sauce over ice cream, over waffles, pancakes, sometimes I even cheat and cook my fruits in readymade caramel sauce. (Of course, I have a jar of home-made caramel sauce in my fridge always!) There are a few different proportions that are normally used, but I stick to my go-to proportion 2 parts of sugar and 1 part of the cream. Also, a tablespoon or so of butter and a hefty pinch of salt. If I need to thin it down, I usually just add a little bit of warm milk and mix it up nicely.

Now my recipe for the perfect caramel sauce is soon going to come up on my Instagram page @chefbhumika so I will keep the process under wraps for now. But let me tell you about the science behind caramel!

Caramel is nothing but burnt sugar, and like any other food ingredient, when sugar is burnt it turns bitter. But the essence of the ingredient, that is sweetness, remains. This bittersweet combination is perfect in desserts and what takes it to the next level is the addition of salt. Eating is all about experiencing various notes at different instances in the same minute. Something about varying tastes is really intriguing, and so the majority of the crowd loves Salted Caramel!

When heated, sugar starts melting in varying degrees based on the amount of heat applied to it. It then takes on colour between 145-150 degree Celcius and starts bubbling. That's when you must go ahead and add warm cream. If you cool down the sugar itself on a cold surface, it will solidify immediately. Once you add cream to it, liquid sugar combines with the cream and gives you a liquid result.

Add salted caramel sauce to my orange chiffon cake as icing and you can thank me later. When you follow any of these recipes, let me know about your experience in the comments section below. I'd love to see your food recipe pictures, so tag me and I'll see you next time..

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