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Quarantine Menu


Desserts are here to lift you up during this lockdown!

I'm sure it was disastrous until now, but we are here to save the day with our sweets. Only limited quantities are available, so please order in advance. We have a variety of products available. Delivery possible as per the availability at an extra cost.



What's better than a whole cake in your hand? A whole cake in your mouth! Enjoy these medium sized treats in a pack of 6 or more. there are soooooo many flavours to choose from!



Carry cake in your bag without having to worry about holding it straight. These portable jars are just so easy to much on, you can take a bite and leave the rest for later. they stay fresh for 3 days in the fridge and make for really cool gifts. Add them to a hamper and earn some brownie points!



Cake Truffles are the PERFECT dessert, made with our rich and decadent chocolate cake mixed with our creamy chocolate ganache then coated in more melted chocolate and topped with extra sprinkles!

Truffles are the perfect dessert choice if you love chocolate!



Crunchy, Sweet, Crumbly and Yummy. Our cookies are so addictive you will snack on them any time of the day! Available in a 200ml jar, so you can enjoy it in solitude or share it with your friends.




Our eggless brownies are nothing short of amazing, they are the perfect way to woo your worries away! A box of 2 brownies is enough to make your day FABULOUS!!



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